Kid’s Book Review: “Magical Animal Adoption Agency – Clover’s Luck” by Kallie George


Clover is young girl who has felt quite unlucky her whole life, especially with pets. One day, during an unlucky moment with her bird Penny, she happens to stumble upon a poster which looked like it had been there a while. She follows the directions and happens to stumble upon the M.A.A.A (Magical Animal Adoption Agency). At first, she didn’t know that the animals were magical, but she wanted to help by volunteering because she loves animals. When Mr.Jams (the agency owner) gives Clover a tour, she quickly comes to understand these animals are special.

Rating: 10/10 – This book is a very interesting story with lots of magical and beautiful creatures. There are also some illustrations throughout the book which is nice for perspective.

– Kid


Kid’s Book Review: “Outlaws of time – The Legend of Sam Miracle” by N.D. Wilson


This book was quite interesting right from the start.

Sam Miracle lives in SADDYR in the Arizona desert, a home for orphaned boys. He has strange daydreams that are so realistic that he feels like they are real. One day, something really strange happens and Sam is taken through time where he soon realizes that his daydreams were actually memories from another time.

Rating: 10/10. – I really enjoyed this and found it fun to read from beginning to end. A real page turner.




Kid’s Art Show: Sculptures

Dragons have been an amazing source of inspiration for Kid. He has read books, made drawings, written stories, played imaginary games, and sculpted. Recently he has been really enjoying using Sculpey clay, and below are a few sculptures he has just finished working on.

Forest Dragon


White and Gold Dragondsc03312dsc03313


Cheese Dragon dsc03314


Treasure Dragon



Fire Dragon



Another Cheese Dragon




Kid taught a class!

Kid has read most of the books about dragons at the library, and by doing so made a friend with a librarian who is also a fellow dragon lover. Inspired by their conversations, Kid made a dragon sculpture for her out of Sculpey and gave it to her as a gift. She showed the teen events coordinator at the library who then invited Kid to teach a class.

final dragons

Above is the collection of all the dragons that were made in his class. It was a lot of fun, and because of teaching this class he was encouraged to teach a class at the local art store which is a paid gig! Also, someone commissioned him to make a dragon for them. I am a proud mama, and proud of the people at the library for encouraging my son to pursue his interests.

Learning through play

Kid recently found some driftwood and carved a couple of pieces into boats. He watched them float and move in the water, then he experimented with ways to make them move with more direction and with different speeds.

carving a sailboat

He found some leaves and feathers and attached them to different boats, watching how the wind caught them. The boats with the leaves sailed better than the ones with feathers.

leaf sail


When we got home, he put together some more boats from materials he found and added keels too. He then experimented with his new sails and watched how they caught wind and he found ways to improve them more and more.

returning with new boats

The neighborhood kids have also grown interested in his new hobby and they often go to the lake to race their boats. This new hobby has sparked a lot of conversations about engineering between the kids, consistently making their boats better and better.


This is a video of when he first found the driftwood and was experimenting with it. The light on the water seemed magical and this whole experience has turned out to be quite magical in so many ways.

Planting sprouts and herbs

Last week we started a little garden for our balcony.

Kid is delicately preparing the roots for transplant.

planting basil


Next he is planting broccoli seeds to grow micro greens.

sprouting 1


This is only a few days after planting the broccoli. They grew so fast! We should have a salad of micro greens within a few days. We will update with pictures when they grow a little more.

sprouting 2

This next picture is harvesting sunflower sprouts. This bowl is the 5th one we have harvested from this tray!

harvesting sprouts