Kid’s Book Review: The House of Mirrors by Pierdomenico Baccalario.

house of mirrors

This is the third book in the Ulysses Moore series.

Now that the children are home, they learn that Ulysses Moore isn’t the only one who has one of the keys to the newly discovered doors. Now they must follow him back in time to try to get the key before Oblivia does.

Rating: 8.5/10 – I enjoyed this book a little more then the rest of the series. A lot of the mysteries from the previous books came together in this story.



Kid’s Book Review: “Magical Animal Adoption Agency – Clover’s Luck” by Kallie George


Clover is young girl who has felt quite unlucky her whole life, especially with pets. One day, during an unlucky moment with her bird Penny, she happens to stumble upon a poster which looked like it had been there a while. She follows the directions and happens to stumble upon the M.A.A.A (Magical Animal Adoption Agency). At first, she didn’t know that the animals were magical, but she wanted to help by volunteering because she loves animals. When Mr.Jams (the agency owner) gives Clover a tour, she quickly comes to understand these animals are special.

Rating: 10/10 – This book is a very interesting story with lots of magical and beautiful creatures. There are also some illustrations throughout the book which is nice for perspective.

– Kid



While camping, we came across these interesting shapes in the rocks. They were everywhere. “Fossils! Trilobites!”, Kid shouted as he ran around pointing at them all.  During campfire, he taught me how they used to be very deep on the bottom of the lake. I couldn’t believe that some of these are from millions of years ago, and that our landscape has changed so much that we can now walk along the rocks at the lakefront and find such beautiful relics.

“Check out the horseshoe crab when we get home,” he said “and then you can see how they haven’t changed much at all over the years!”