Kid’s Book Review: The Summer We Saved the Bees by Robin Stevenson


The title of this book is misleading and gave me the impression that it would be about saving bees. Since I am passionate about the subject, I was hoping it would be about an adventure where the family makes progress spreading awareness or actually helping bees somehow. Instead, it was about a dysfunctional family and an overbearing mother who humiliates her children by forcing them to do things they were not passionate about or even comfortable doing.

Rating: 2/10 –  I gave it a couple of points because it was easy to visualize the imagery the author projected. It does give a little information about awareness, but was negated by the inability to take the mother seriously. I do not understand the point of this book. I didn’t learn anything about saving bees or how to overcome family conflicts, and at no point did I feel entertained. Too much drama, not enough substance.


Kid’s Book Review: “The Thinking Beekeeper” by Christy Hemenway


I really liked this book  because it was about how to care for the bees in a thoughtful way. After reading other books about beekeeping, I have gotten the feeling that it is more about production and money and less about the bees. It is good to make money, but why not do it in the most humane possible way for the bees as well?

This book taught me a lot. I really like Christy’s perspective, and find myself wanting to study this book carefully. I borrowed it from the library, but I would like to have my own copy when I finally get to work with bees.

10/10 – my first perfect score



Kid has always loved to watch insects and little creatures very closely. Over the past couple of years he has taken a keen interest in bees and is absorbing all sorts of information about them.

bee books

He has learned a lot about keeping bees, and has come to realize that not all hives are equal. There are so many ways to be a humane and healthy beekeeper which is not always commonplace. It is nice to be able to go to the farmer’s market and buy honey from a local apiary who can tell you about their practice.

Kid enthusiastically wants to keep bees, and his great attention to detail with this study makes me want to encourage this passion. This city doesn’t allow urban bee keeping, but I was surprised to learn how many do.  In the meantime, we will try to connect with a local beekeeper and see if we have set up a time to visit their farm.