Kid’s Book Review: The Long Lost Map by Pierdomenico Baccalario

long lost map

This is book two in the Ulysses Moore series. Here is the review of book one.

The children find an abandoned ship in a mysterious cove and try to use it to get back home. They manage to get the ship moving, but when they arrive at the exit, they realize it doesn’t lead where they expected it to. Instead, they have somehow arrived in ancient Egypt, and the only way to get back home is to solve one of the many mysteries of Ulysses Moore.

Rating: 8/10 – The storyline was interesting, but I would like to find a book where adventure and mystery can be enjoyed without evil characters. I have read so many adventure books and cannot remember one that didn’t have someone there to mess up the fun. If there is a writer reading this, please consider this in your next book.


Home-made Sailboats

Kid is still enjoying making boats since he began back in late June.

sail boat by kid

He has found that by adding string, there is more control over how the boat moves, and is planning to make a village by the creek with a castle. He hopes his friends will help him to build this place so they can all enjoy playing in this imaginary world.

Kid’s Book Review: “Fyre” by Angie Sage


This is book seven in the Septimus Heap series. Here you can read about book six.

Alchemist Marcellus Pye is preparing to light the Fyre to denature the Two-Faced (evil) Ring, while the town folk are preparing for the mid-winter feast.¬† Many people are starting to notice little puddles on the ground that shouldn’t be there, and Marcia Overstrand wants to find out why they are there. While everyone is distracted with the puddles, the evil ring takes over Ed and Eric Heap while they are trying to keep the ring from escaping.

There was a scene in this book where Hotep Ra (the first ExtraOrdinary wizard) takes a handful of sand from a pouch in his belt and throws it into the air, creating beautiful lights to guide he and Septimus through the caves. I was really inspired by this image, so I have begun a drawing of it which I will post soon when I am finished.

Rating: 9.5/10

I really liked this series. Angie Sage creates worlds that I could never imagine on my own, and they are really fun to visit. If you like to read about fine imaginative details creating strong images in your mind, then Sage is the author for you.

Here is how Kid took up writing book reviews.

Kid’s Book Review: “Darke” by Angie Sage

darke angie sage

This is book six in the Septimus Heap series. Here you can read about book five.

Marcia Overstrand (the ExtraOrdinary wizard) accidentally banishes the ghost of Alther Mella while banishing the evil ghost of Tertius Fume. Septimus’ Darke week is coming up, which means that while doing his apprenticeship he has to do a Darke task. He decides that for this task, he will retrieve Alther Mella from the Darke Halls.

After Septimus begins this journey, Merrin Meridith (an evil wizard) sets up a Darke Domain (an evil cloud that takes people’s energy), and floods the castle with it.

I didn’t like this book as much as the others because it felt more difficult to read with the darker theme.

Rating: 9/10

Kid’s Book Report: “Syren” by Angie Sage

syren by angie sage

This is book five in the Septimus Heap series. Here you can read about book four.

After Beetle, Jenna, Snorri and Septimus returned from back in time, they were met by Jenna’s father Milo, who offers to give them a ride back to the castle. When Septimus remembers that his dragon Spitfyre is nearby on a beach, he decides to ride him instead. Jenna and Beetle also decide to also go along with Septimus.

While riding the dragon, a big storm passes them and lightening strikes Spitfyre’s tail, forcing them to land on the Islas of Syren. At first glance, it looks like a paradise, but they soon realize they are in a dangerous place.

I thought this was a great book. A lot of people think this is one of Sage’s best books. I like all of her books a lot, but this was definitely one of my favourite.

Rating: 9.5/10

Kid’s Book Review: “Queste” by Angie Sage


This is book four in the Septimus Heap series. Here you can read about book three.

In book three, Nicko (Septimus’ brother) and Snorri went back in time 500 years to try to find Septimus, who had actually managed to get back to the future already. Now Nicko and Snorri are still trapped back in time in the house of Foryx.

In this book, Septimus, his sister Jenna, and Beetle all go to the crossroads of the forest to begin a journey to help bring heir friends back.¬† They are intercepted¬† by Tertius Fume (first ever Chief Hermetic Scribe) and the evil Merrin Meradith, who want to darken Septimus’ fate by sending him on the Queste, which nobody has ever returned from.

I loved this book! It was exciting, interesting, and a great story.

Rating: 9.5/10