Enoki mushrooms

These mushrooms were growing out of the bark of a tall tree, and Boy says they are very delicious. They are enoki mushrooms, however they look very different than what you would find in the store because of their darker colour (from being a different strain and being exposed to light), and size of cap (from the light and the fresh air).

mushrooms on tree

In the stores they don’t look like this because they are grown without light to make their stem long and their caps small. Below is a picture of what they look like in stores.


Nature Walk

During our hike, we came across a this huge caterpillar. I am not sure what he is but we will research it and post it soon.

update: This is a Pandora’s Sphinx Moth.


This one below was fuzzy and liked to walk around on this (lycoperdon), a type of ‘puff ball’ mushroom.

fuzzy caterpillar

On the way home, an artist was hosting an art show in his home. Kid loved this piece because he also loves to find faces and familiars in natural things like driftwood. He also likes to find little shells and rocks and this artist incorporated those things into this wood sculpture too.

artist home sculpture kid