Kid’s Book Review: The Summer We Saved the Bees by Robin Stevenson


The title of this book is misleading and gave me the impression that it would be about saving bees. Since I am passionate about the subject, I was hoping it would be about an adventure where the family makes progress spreading awareness or actually helping bees somehow. Instead, it was about a dysfunctional family and an overbearing mother who humiliates her children by forcing them to do things they were not passionate about or even comfortable doing.

Rating: 2/10 –  I gave it a couple of points because it was easy to visualize the imagery the author projected. It does give a little information about awareness, but was negated by the inability to take the mother seriously. I do not understand the point of this book. I didn’t learn anything about saving bees or how to overcome family conflicts, and at no point did I feel entertained. Too much drama, not enough substance.


Kid’s Book Review: “The Spiderwick Chronicles – The Ironwood Tree” by Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black

spiderwick ironwood tree.jpg

This is the fourth book in the Spiderwick Chronicles series.

After some strange events at school, Mallory goes missing. The children find out who is behind all the mischief, and that there is a much bigger problem going on.

9/10 – There is a very sad part in this book also, and I feel the story would be much more fun and just as powerful without it.

Kid’s Art Show: Sculptures

Dragons have been an amazing source of inspiration for Kid. He has read books, made drawings, written stories, played imaginary games, and sculpted. Recently he has been really enjoying using Sculpey clay, and below are a few sculptures he has just finished working on.

Forest Dragon


White and Gold Dragondsc03312dsc03313


Cheese Dragon dsc03314


Treasure Dragon



Fire Dragon



Another Cheese Dragon




Kid taught a class!

Kid has read most of the books about dragons at the library, and by doing so made a friend with a librarian who is also a fellow dragon lover. Inspired by their conversations, Kid made a dragon sculpture for her out of Sculpey and gave it to her as a gift. She showed the teen events coordinator at the library who then invited Kid to teach a class.

final dragons

Above is the collection of all the dragons that were made in his class. It was a lot of fun, and because of teaching this class he was encouraged to teach a class at the local art store which is a paid gig! Also, someone commissioned him to make a dragon for them. I am a proud mama, and proud of the people at the library for encouraging my son to pursue his interests.

Kid’s Book Review: Wandmaker by Ed Masessa


Henry Leach is a boy who loves to read, particularly books about wizards. He has spent many years crafting a wand, and discovers that he actually has powers when he accidentally turns his sister Brianna into a hedgehog.

I think this book is awesome! It was so adventurous, descriptive, and magical, and it made me want to go out and make my own wand.  I give it 10/10 and highly recommend it!

Kid’s Book Report: “Syren” by Angie Sage

syren by angie sage

This is book five in the Septimus Heap series. Here you can read about book four.

After Beetle, Jenna, Snorri and Septimus returned from back in time, they were met by Jenna’s father Milo, who offers to give them a ride back to the castle. When Septimus remembers that his dragon Spitfyre is nearby on a beach, he decides to ride him instead. Jenna and Beetle also decide to also go along with Septimus.

While riding the dragon, a big storm passes them and lightening strikes Spitfyre’s tail, forcing them to land on the Islas of Syren. At first glance, it looks like a paradise, but they soon realize they are in a dangerous place.

I thought this was a great book. A lot of people think this is one of Sage’s best books. I like all of her books a lot, but this was definitely one of my favourite.

Rating: 9.5/10

Kid’s Book Review: “Queste” by Angie Sage


This is book four in the Septimus Heap series. Here you can read about book three.

In book three, Nicko (Septimus’ brother) and Snorri went back in time 500 years to try to find Septimus, who had actually managed to get back to the future already. Now Nicko and Snorri are still trapped back in time in the house of Foryx.

In this book, Septimus, his sister Jenna, and Beetle all go to the crossroads of the forest to begin a journey to help bring heir friends back.  They are intercepted  by Tertius Fume (first ever Chief Hermetic Scribe) and the evil Merrin Meradith, who want to darken Septimus’ fate by sending him on the Queste, which nobody has ever returned from.

I loved this book! It was exciting, interesting, and a great story.

Rating: 9.5/10