During one of our recent walks, Kid spotted a butterfly and asked to borrow my camera.  It was a nice surprise to find these images later, and I really enjoyed the unique perspective.

butterfly 1


butterfly 2


butterfly 3


The citrus tree from the compost

citrus tree

About a year ago, Kid rescued a sprout from the compost. He put it in soil and decided he would take care of it. When he forgot to water it, it withered and dried, and when he forgot to put it in the sun, it turned yellow.

Luckily it has lived through Kid’s lessons in responsibility. These days he diligently makes sure it’s needs are met. Recently he has discovered another sprout in the compost. Now we have two citrus trees.

Taking up photography

Digital cameras seem so complex to me, and I have only been able to grasp an understanding of the basic settings. Kid has recently been taking our camera everywhere he goes, and appears to really enjoy getting to know how it works. I am excited by the images he is showing me, and once again am finding that I am the one that is learning through him.

While playing with his friends, Kid took this picture. I like how there is stillness within the motion.

running fun