This dish is a regular in our household. Kid is usually the chef as he loves making it. There isn’t a formal recipe, we just mix eggs, feta, kale (or spinach), chevre, garlic, salt, and pepper and put the mixture into filo wraps.


Be sure to brush lots of olive oil on the pastry to keep it from sticking. It also gives it a nice flavour and texture.


Bake at 350F. We know it is done when it is this colour.




Perfecting Whole Wheat Sourdough

Boy has been making sourdough for about a year now and has recently perfected 100% whole wheat! It is so light, yummy, and I cannot believe it is just flour and water! I had no idea what a complex art this is, and I am so grateful that I get to eat bread like this every day. I will post his recipe here soon.