Sphinx Moth Visitor

We found this huge moth outside our door!  We recognized what it was right away because of a previous encounter with a huge caterpillar a few years back. It was so great to see what they look like in real life!

sphinx moth 2


The moth stayed where he was for the whole day, so many of Kid’s friends came by to see it.

sphinx moth discovery 1

He let us get close to him, and this picture shows his size best.

sphinx moth 3


Kid’s Book Review: “The Thinking Beekeeper” by Christy Hemenway


I really liked this book  because it was about how to care for the bees in a thoughtful way. After reading other books about beekeeping, I have gotten the feeling that it is more about production and money and less about the bees. It is good to make money, but why not do it in the most humane possible way for the bees as well?

This book taught me a lot. I really like Christy’s perspective, and find myself wanting to study this book carefully. I borrowed it from the library, but I would like to have my own copy when I finally get to work with bees.

10/10 – my first perfect score


The long way

We decided to walk to town to do our errands instead of taking the bus. It is a long walk, but the trip along the way is usually an interesting one.

arriving birds

There is a sign placed here in the park that tells us about the ducks and why it is best to not feed them bread.

duck sign

chillin with the geese 2

Visiting his feathered friends makes Kid so happy.

When we got home, we looked up information about the geese and ducks and found out that it is best not to feed them, which makes sense.  Though it is a lot of fun to give them oats, it is also fun to just sit and watch them.


 Further down the road, we encountered  a dandelion that was so huge! The seeds flew for a very long time and were lifted into the wind very easily.

big dandelion


 We decided to walk through a garden centre and their Gerberas were wilting, and their soil felt totally dried out.

drooping gerberas

My eldest son ‘Boy’ knows how much I love Gerbera daisies so he found a hose, hooked it up, and dragged it over to water them. He is such a kind-hearted young man.

drooping gerbera 2

.. He helped out a few other plants too.

helping the flowers

It’s no surprise that someone thought he worked there. Boy was able to help the man anyway. This store could use someone like him working there. 🙂

helping the customer


Kid discovered that Sumac trees have a flower that bees LOVE. It was fun to watch them up close.

sumac flower

bee on sumac


Kid has always loved to watch insects and little creatures very closely. Over the past couple of years he has taken a keen interest in bees and is absorbing all sorts of information about them.

bee books

He has learned a lot about keeping bees, and has come to realize that not all hives are equal. There are so many ways to be a humane and healthy beekeeper which is not always commonplace. It is nice to be able to go to the farmer’s market and buy honey from a local apiary who can tell you about their practice.

Kid enthusiastically wants to keep bees, and his great attention to detail with this study makes me want to encourage this passion. This city doesn’t allow urban bee keeping, but I was surprised to learn how many do.  In the meantime, we will try to connect with a local beekeeper and see if we have set up a time to visit their farm.

How to easily remove ladybugs from your house.

Every fall our house fills with ladybugs. Until now, we painstakingly removed them one by one with a water glass/paper, if we were lucky enough to catch them.

I cannot find the source where I read about it, but apparently ladybugs are usually looking for water to drink. As an experiment, we soaked some paper towel and held it up near the ladybugs and they latched on and wouldn’t let go! I could walk around the house collecting them, and all the ones that were already on the wet paper wouldn’t fly away. Even after I put them outside, they would stay on the paper towel until it dried out.

ladybug removal

This made collecting them very easy. We would bring out dozens at a time on the same piece of paper towel.

Giant house spider

Tube spider

We have been finding a lot of these spiders. This one was in our house, which was quite scary considering its size. Apparently its legs can span four inches, this one was not that big but quite intimidating as this glass bowl is fairly large.

Though big in size, it is not dangerous.

Eratigena atrica

Nature Walk

During our hike, we came across a this huge caterpillar. I am not sure what he is but we will research it and post it soon.

update: This is a Pandora’s Sphinx Moth.


This one below was fuzzy and liked to walk around on this (lycoperdon), a type of ‘puff ball’ mushroom.

fuzzy caterpillar

On the way home, an artist was hosting an art show in his home. Kid loved this piece because he also loves to find faces and familiars in natural things like driftwood. He also likes to find little shells and rocks and this artist incorporated those things into this wood sculpture too.

artist home sculpture kid