Update on Crush the Snail

Do you remember Kid’s rescued pet snail? Here is the post where Kid found him and made him a new shell and called him “Crush”.

It has been several months since his rescue, and Crush has been growing a new shell! Kid has been adjusting his old shell slowly as the new one grows out. I have to say I didn’t expect this little guy to live, and I feel proud of Kid’s gentle attentiveness to care for the little mollusk.




Crush is happy, and moves around just as well as the other snails. Here is the habitat that Kid set up for them.



He was pretty excited to find that they had laid eggs. He is curious to watch them grow from hatching.


This whole process has been very educational for me too. I have not really given snails much thought, but have come to learn that they have little personalities, they play, and each snail prefers different foods.


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