Kid’s Book Review: Nurk by Ursula Vernon


This author (Ursula Vernon) writes books that are so descriptive, it is very easy to imagine the detailed pictures of her stories. This book is especially interesting because of the very special characters. They each have their own very unique personality and Vernon manages to describe them in a way that I could even feel the character’s emotions.

Nurk is a young shrew that lives alone in an old willow tree by the river. He has always been dreaming of an adventure and wonders what it would be like to travel and explore like his grandmother did. One of the deterring factors for Nurk was that he couldn’t even decide how many pairs of socks to pack. One day, a mysterious letter arrived in the mail and what it said was enough to give Nurk the push he needed to go on an adventure.

Rating: 10/10. I loved it. Everything about it.



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