Kid’s Book Review: “The Spiderwick Chronicles – The Ironwood Tree” by Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black

spiderwick ironwood tree.jpg

This is the fourth book in the Spiderwick Chronicles series.

After some strange events at school, Mallory goes missing. The children find out who is behind all the mischief, and that there is a much bigger problem going on.

9/10 – There is a very sad part in this book also, and I feel the story would be much more fun and just as powerful without it.


Kid’s Book Review: “The Spiderwick Chronicles – Lucinda’s Secret” by Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black


This is the third book in the Spiderwick Chronicles series.

Simon is rescued and the creatures are trying to steal the book. The children want answers so they go to their Aunt Lucinda, who tells them a very interesting story.

Rating: 9/10 – It’s a short book, and interesting, though definitely a “middle book”. It might have been better to have this story line as one big novel.


Kid’s Book Review: “The Spiderwick Chronicles – The Seeing Stone” by Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black


This is the second book in the Spiderwick Chronicles series.

Simon gets captured by goblins, so the children need to go and find him. Jared discovers a stone that has a hole in the middle, and when he looks through it, he can see all the fairies and other magical creatures. The children depend on these creatures to help them find Simon.

Rating: 9/10 – There was a part of this story that upset me that I didn’t feel was necessary for the story line.


Kid’s Book Review: “The Spiderwick Chronicles- The Field Guide” by Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black


Jared, Simon, and Mallory Grace move into an old Victorian house and right away they start hearing noises from the walls. Simon gets excited because he thinks it is a squirrel. While exploring around the house, Jared finds a mysterious book (an informative field guide) written by a relative a long time ago. The book describes strange creatures and how to deal with each of them.

When Jared is blamed for mischievous events that occur around the house, he tries to find out what is really going on, and discovers one of the creatures described in the book.

Rating: 10/10. I absolutely loved this book. It was a fun introduction to a very awesome story line.

Update on Crush the Snail

Do you remember Kid’s rescued pet snail? Here is the post where Kid found him and made him a new shell and called him “Crush”.

It has been several months since his rescue, and Crush has been growing a new shell! Kid has been adjusting his old shell slowly as the new one grows out. I have to say I didn’t expect this little guy to live, and I feel proud of Kid’s gentle attentiveness to care for the little mollusk.




Crush is happy, and moves around just as well as the other snails. Here is the habitat that Kid set up for them.



He was pretty excited to find that they had laid eggs. He is curious to watch them grow from hatching.


This whole process has been very educational for me too. I have not really given snails much thought, but have come to learn that they have little personalities, they play, and each snail prefers different foods.

Kid’s Book Review: “Dragon Masters” Rise of the Earth Dragon by Tracey West


This book is for younger readers, and has lots of illustrations so it is easy to imagine the story line.

A young boy (Drake) is brought to the castle because he is chosen to be a dragon master. He soon meets his dragon (Worm) and also his fellow dragon masters, Ana, Rori and Bo. They learn flight practice, but Worm cannot fly. Afterwards, we discover that Worm has other talents.

7/10 – I wasn’t captivated by this story, but this is only book one, so I will read another of the series and give it another chance.




Kid’s Book Review: “The Dragon of Lonely Island” by Rebecca Rupp


Three children (Sarah Emily, Hannah, and Zachary) go to stay at their aunt’s house on Lonely Island for the summer. They discover a cave and a golden dragon who can speak!  This dragon has three heads, and when one head is awake, the others are sleeping. Each of the dragon heads tell a different story, and each story is very interesting.

Rating: 10/10. I really liked this book, and would read it again. It is book one of a series, so I look forward to the next one.