A Story About A Baby Robin

A few days ago a neighbor was walking nearby and saw a baby robin being attacked by two crows in the middle of the road. He rescued the bird, brought it home and put it in a bucket outside. The neighborhood kids were pretty surprised when the man chewed up a worm and fed it to the robin! He said he didn’t know where the nest was, and couldn’t care for the bird. Kid decided to bring it to our place and made a nest with his felting wool. He researched how to feed a baby bird and fed him with a syringe for the next 24 hours. He bathed his wing and eye (which had minor wounds) and got up in the middle of the night to tend to its needs. The bird was pretty shaken up but showed very fast signs of recovery.

Sage and bird copy

By the next day, “Ruffles”(Kid named him) was squawking and fluttering his wings so we put him in an open bin and went for a walk to where he was found. We saw a robin sitting on some wires above a house, so we put the bin down on the lawn and watched. Within minutes the mother began tending to Ruffles by jumping into the bin and feeding him! Ruffles was so excited that he flew out of the bin and chased after her. He still couldn’t fly further than a couple of feet, but she kept her eye on him and kept coming back to give him food.

Bird and mom copy

The owner of the house said the area wasn’t safe due to crows and cats, in fact the other babies didn’t live. We tried luring the mother to a safer place by putting Ruffles back in the bin and slowly walking. The mother followed us and kept bringing food for him. When we put the bin down, Ruffles flew out again but couldn’t make it into a tree with his mom. He rested in the grass in between two stumps and Sage watched him for hours (from a distance) to make sure he stayed safe. The mom kept feeding him and later coaxed him up into a lower smaller tree. I have to admit I didn’t sleep much that night.. We became attached to the little guy so quickly, and were unsure of what would happen throughout the night. I got up at 5 am the next day and went outside and saw that they were still in the tree, so that was a relief!

It has been three days, and the birds have remained in the same tree. Early this morning Boy saw the two parents flying around with the baby! We are so happy with this news.. what a happy ending!