Sphinx Moth Visitor

We found this huge moth outside our door!  We recognized what it was right away because of a previous encounter with a huge caterpillar a few years back. It was so great to see what they look like in real life!

sphinx moth 2


The moth stayed where he was for the whole day, so many of Kid’s friends came by to see it.

sphinx moth discovery 1

He let us get close to him, and this picture shows his size best.

sphinx moth 3


Kid’s Book Review: “The Thinking Beekeeper” by Christy Hemenway


I really liked this book  because it was about how to care for the bees in a thoughtful way. After reading other books about beekeeping, I have gotten the feeling that it is more about production and money and less about the bees. It is good to make money, but why not do it in the most humane possible way for the bees as well?

This book taught me a lot. I really like Christy’s perspective, and find myself wanting to study this book carefully. I borrowed it from the library, but I would like to have my own copy when I finally get to work with bees.

10/10 – my first perfect score