Kid’s Book Review: “Physik” by Angie Sage

Physik by angie sage

This is book three in the Septimus Heap series. Here you can read about book two.

Septimus is now interested in Physik (a form of alchemy). Marcia (his wizard teacher that he is apprentice to) doesn’t agree with this study because she says it a waste of time and doesn’t accomplish anything. She believes that magyk is the only study worthwhile, so she forbids Septimus from studying Physik.

Queen Etheldredda is an evil spirit who pushed Septimus into the moat and he would have died if she hadn’t saved him. Because she saved him, she has a power over him called a ‘retrieve’ which means she can control him completely otherwise he will die. This power only lasts for 24 hours, so she uses it to send him into the looking glass so she can take over the castle without him interfering.

While in the looking glass, Septimus goes back 500 years in time and is found by the alchemist Marcellus Pye and he decides to study under him.

I am really enjoying this series. As I write this, I am already half way through the next book “Queste”.  These books are easy to get into and very difficult to put down. This author creates a world that is very exciting and fun, and I love to visit as much as possible.

Rating: 9/10


Kid’s Book Review: “Flyte” by Angie Sage

Flyte by Angie Sage

This is book two from the Septimus Heap series.

In this book we go back in time, and Septimus Heap is the main character. He is apprenticing to become a wizard under the ExtraOrdinary wizard Marcia Overstrand.

Septimus has an older brother named Simon who is a dyrke wizard and is causing trouble. Under direction of Domdaniel (an evil spirit), Simon captures Princess Jenna because she is the one that will prevent the evil spirit from getting back his human body.

I am really enjoying this series and am happy that there are so many sequels.

Rating: 9/10

Kid’s Book Review: “Pathfinder” by Angie Sage

pathfinder angie sage

This is book one in the TodHunter Moon Series.

In this book, Todhunter Moon is living in the Pathfinder village when her friend Ferdie goes missing. A few weeks after, Todhunter’s Dad also goes missing while on a fishing trip, so her crazy aunt moves in with her. Shortly after that, her aunt goes missing too! Todhunter then moves in with Ferdie’s family, and together they all go looking for all the missing people.

The book was easy to get into and difficult to tear myself away from. I really enjoyed reading this book, and look forward to reading more of the series.

Rating: 9/10

Kid’s Book Review: “The Girl Who Could Fly” by Victoria Forester

the girl who could fly

Because Piper could fly, she was sent to a school for children who had special powers. After awhile, Piper notices that things are strange, and not quite what they seem.

It was one of those books that took a lot of pages to say something. I found it a bit boring, and there were some negative aspects that I really didn’t like about it. Thankfully, the story tied together in a way that was nice.

Rating: 6.5/10

Kid’s Book Review: “Lion Boy – The Truth” by Zizou Corder

lion boy the truth

This is book three of a series of three. Here you can read about book one, and book two.

In this story, Charlie has escaped the circus boat and finds his way out of Venice by a little boat. Charlie finally finds his parents in this book, but there are more problems to overcome as Charlie himself becomes captured. Charlie’s parents and his friends work together to find him.

In general, I thought this book was a good read, but I found a lot of parts of this book were boring. It felt like it was a bit repetitious of the previous books.

Rating: 8.5/10