Kid’s Book Review: “The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making” by Catherynne M. Valente

the girl who circumnavigated fairyland

This is book one of a series of three. In this story, a twelve year old named September gets transported to Fairyland quite suddenly. There, she learns that the Marquess (the Queen) is doing really bad things such as chaining all wings in Fairyland so that no one can have flight.  September meets two friends who help her forward on her quest to save Fairyland from the Marquess.

This book never felt boring, and consistently kept my interest. It was a very fun book. I liked how it really conveyed different perspectives from different people.

Rating: 9/10


Kid’s Book Review: “House of Secrets” by Chris Columbus & Ned Vizzini

house of secrets book.jpg

Three children (Brendan, Elanor, and Cordelia Walker) and their parents move into a new house that was cheap but really nice. Soon after moving in, a witch takes the children and the whole house away, leaving the parents behind.

The children encounter several difficult situations that they have to work their way out of. This book is full of adventures with many unexpected twists and turns that I never imagined would happen. I found this to be very fun.

Rating: 9/10

Kid’s Book Review: The Swallow by Charis Cotter


the swallow a ghost story photo

This is a story about two girls named Rose and Polly who are very different from each other in many ways, in fact it seems like they are opposites. Despite their differences, they form a great friendship.

Rose has the ability to see ghosts, which she feels is a nuisance. Polly desperately wants to be able to see them, and is obsessed with learning all that she can about them.

One day, Rose and Polly find a tombstone with Rose’s name on it. Together, they try to find out whether Rose herself is a ghost by searching both of their houses, and looking through the library. I liked the concept of this story, it was very interesting.

Spoiler alert: I found the ending rather depressing. It was an interesting twist because of the story-line, but I would have enjoyed it more if it  wasn’t so sad.

Rating: 7/10

Kid’s Book Review: Be a Genie in Six Easy Steps by Lisa Chapman and Steve Cole

Milly, Michael, Jess and Jason have recently moved, and while they are unpacking they came across a handbook for Genies.

The four children begin their own Genie training, where there are six steps to becoming a Genie. One of the things they have to do is to find a worthy vessel, or “lamp”. They get to perform magic, which was fun to read about, and the children learned some very valuable lessons that would help them to be better people.

I really liked this book, it was very interesting and exciting. I would read this book again.

Rating: 9.5/10



Kid’s Book Review: “Lion Boy” by Zizou Corder


lion boy the truth

This is book one of a series of three.

In this book, the parents of a young boy named Charlie were kidnapped, so he sets off on an adventure to rescue them. He hopes that his ability to talk to cats might help him to find them.

I like that this story stayed positive and used adventure rather than drama or negativity. It is very fun to read, and I look forward to the rest of the series.

rating: 9/10