climbing gym

The local climbing gym has been amazing for Kid. He really gets a great workout and will stay climbing as long as he can. He is stretching and gently working his muscles in a focused and fun way, and he doesn’t seem to get sore afterwards like with some of the other sporty activities he has partaken in. At bedtime, he is quick to sleep after his climbs, so I know he has worked hard and is peaceful.

Another homeschooling family in the area arranged a group climbing class which was a much cheaper way to partake. It was great to have a group together for more fun, and it was also nice to  connect with other homeschoolers. Definitely some of the best money I have spent so far.


Kid’s Book Review: Dragonsdale


Dragonsdale is a dragon riding farm and school. Cara (the main character) lost her mother because of a riding accident, so Cara is forbidden to ride a dragon. She is very sad about this because her friends are all preparing their dragons for the island championships, and Cara wants to ride so much.

Cara spends every moment she can with Skydancer (a crazy dragon that doesn’t allow anyone to train him), and Cara secretly figures out how to train him anyway. Every day she dreams of a day she can take flight.

This book got my attention from the beginning because I was very interested in Cara’s story. There were some parts that were sad, but I did enjoy the way the story played out.

rating 8/10

How to easily remove ladybugs from your house.

Every fall our house fills with ladybugs. Until now, we painstakingly removed them one by one with a water glass/paper, if we were lucky enough to catch them.

I cannot find the source where I read about it, but apparently ladybugs are usually looking for water to drink. As an experiment, we soaked some paper towel and held it up near the ladybugs and they latched on and wouldn’t let go! I could walk around the house collecting them, and all the ones that were already on the wet paper wouldn’t fly away. Even after I put them outside, they would stay on the paper towel until it dried out.

ladybug removal

This made collecting them very easy. We would bring out dozens at a time on the same piece of paper towel.

Kid’s Book Review: How to Cheat a Dragon’s Curse by C. Cowell

How to Cheat a Dragon's Curse

This is book four in the “How to Train Your Dragon” series. It is the next book after “How to Speak Dragonese”.

In this book, Hiccup’s friend Fishleggs comes down with a sickness, which is a nasty case of  Vorpentitis (a sickness caused by the sting of a Venomous Vorpent).

  Hiccup decides to embark on a crazy adventure to get a so-called non existent vegetable (a potato) from a s0-called non existent land (America) to cure his friend.

I found this book to be the most adventurous book in the series, which I really like.

Rating: 9/10

Kid’s Book Review: How to Speak Dragonese by C. Cowell

how to speak dragonese

This is book three of the “How to Train your Dragon” series. I haven’t gotten to read book two (How to be a Pirate) yet because it is always checked out of the library when I go.

In this book, a boy named Hiccup goes on an adventure to save Toothless (his dragon), the other dragons from the island of Berk, and his friends Camicazi and Fishlegs from the Roman army.

Though the title of the book makes it seem like we will learn about a dragon language, there is not much in the book about that. One of the translations I learned was “snipsnap” which means “right now”.  I really would have liked to have learned more about this language, and was disappointed there wasn’t a lot more translations.

rating- 9/10

Boggle – A fun game to improve spelling and vocabulary

Image result for boggle

This game has been incredibly fun for the whole family. It is fast-paced, which keeps everyone’s interest, and has also been a great way to have together time.

Educational for us all, we have improved our spelling and vocabulary and also been learning new words in other languages too! We have made up a lot of new rules, which have allowed us to regularly get longer words (8 letters or more), and sometimes even sentences. We laugh a lot and enjoy learning from each other, as well as challenge each other to think faster.

Giant house spider

Tube spider

We have been finding a lot of these spiders. This one was in our house, which was quite scary considering its size. Apparently its legs can span four inches, this one was not that big but quite intimidating as this glass bowl is fairly large.

Though big in size, it is not dangerous.

Eratigena atrica