Homeschooling lesson for me: Gardening is easy and shockingly abundant.

The boys took an interest in gardening last summer and I forgot I had these pictures until now.


They grew potatoes, spinach, lettuce, calendula, carrots, pumpkins, watermelon, tomatoes, cucumber, hot peppers, and popping corn.

boy garden 4

Combined with some afternoon fishing, our food bill became almost obsolete. The boys then took an interest in cooking gourmet meals and ate their dinners slowly, savouring every bite.


It felt so good to know exactly where our food came from, and that it was truly organic. The taste was the best I have ever had. Was it the quality or the intention put into it? In the past, I was too intimidated to grow a garden myself, but when I saw how the boys harvested such a beautiful bounty, so easily, I will never go without a garden again. It was fun, educational, and paid back their efforts in a priceless way. We had so much food that we were giving it away in baskets. We canned over 50 big jars of tomato sauce, collected more than 300 lbs of potatoes.. not to mention drying, freezing and processing all of the other abundant vegetables that we are still eating now in the middle of winter.

orange beet


Finding more together time

Time together with our loved ones is so important. With everyone’s hectic schedule, sometimes it is difficult to make time for all the things we want to do. By doing some things together that we might normally do alone, it is amazing how much more time there is in a day.


We had a house guest come and visit who doesn’t like to play Lego or Pokemon, however she loves to read. Kid loves to be near others, so he spent his reading time beside her. They enjoyed their afternoon reads together. It was quiet, educational, and peaceful. A great way to spend an afternoon.