Patricia C. Wrede – Enchanted Forest Chronicles

Kid has read through book one so fast, I couldn’t take a picture quickly enough before he returned it to the library, and picked up a few more of the series. He loves them!


Above is book two.


Above, book three.

Kid says these books had great action without dramatic and sad happenings. They were magical, and interesting, and he loved how the dragons could speak to humans. The main character Cimorene got to ride on dragons and learned dragon magic. She had lots of fun.

Kid has read four books in only a couple of weeks. He is really captivated with this series and I am so thankful because they have given me plenty of time to work on other things. The inspiration Kid has enjoyed from reading Patricia’s books is fun to watch too. He is now working on making a wizard costume with a magic staff. I will post a picture of the it here when he is done.


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