Snail Hospital

Every time it rains, it has been difficult for Kid to witness the snails being crushed by people accidentally walking on them. He has tried bringing them home to try to help them but they have all passed away.

Recently he found a little guy that had 80 percent of his shell crushed and brought him home despite knowing he probably wouldn’t be able to save him. He tried making a shell for him out of sculpting beeswax and the snail seemed to survive though just sealed himself inside his new wax home.

After two days, “Crush” (Kid named him) came out of his new shell and started moving about.

crush 1

crush 2

Crush found his shell to be heavier than he is used to but he quickly became stronger and now hoists himself along as he climbs about. He seems to be able to do what the other snails can do and likes to sleep upside down as well! It has now been three weeks and he is still doing well.

crush 3


Kid has since brought home many snails with broken shells and has found that if the breaks are not too bad, and he feeds them lots of calcium and veggies, they actually can repair their shells. He now has 9 snails and has made them a beautiful habitat with dirt and lots of moss.

It is heartwarming to see his compassion and attention to detail as he tends to their health and needs.

Home-made Sailboats

Kid is still enjoying making boats since he began back in late June.

sail boat by kid

He has found that by adding string, there is more control over how the boat moves, and is planning to make a village by the creek with a castle. He hopes his friends will help him to build this place so they can all enjoy playing in this imaginary world.

Kid’s Book Review: Wandmaker by Ed Masessa


Henry Leach is a boy who loves to read, particularly books about wizards. He has spent many years crafting a wand, and discovers that he actually has powers when he accidentally turns his sister Brianna into a hedgehog.

I think this book is awesome! It was so adventurous, descriptive, and magical, and it made me want to go out and make my own wand.  I give it 10/10 and highly recommend it!

A Story About A Baby Robin

A few days ago a neighbor was walking nearby and saw a baby robin being attacked by two crows in the middle of the road. He rescued the bird, brought it home and put it in a bucket outside. The neighborhood kids were pretty surprised when the man chewed up a worm and fed it to the robin! He said he didn’t know where the nest was, and couldn’t care for the bird. Kid decided to bring it to our place and made a nest with his felting wool. He researched how to feed a baby bird and fed him with a syringe for the next 24 hours. He bathed his wing and eye (which had minor wounds) and got up in the middle of the night to tend to its needs. The bird was pretty shaken up but showed very fast signs of recovery.

Sage and bird copy

By the next day, “Ruffles”(Kid named him) was squawking and fluttering his wings so we put him in an open bin and went for a walk to where he was found. We saw a robin sitting on some wires above a house, so we put the bin down on the lawn and watched. Within minutes the mother began tending to Ruffles by jumping into the bin and feeding him! Ruffles was so excited that he flew out of the bin and chased after her. He still couldn’t fly further than a couple of feet, but she kept her eye on him and kept coming back to give him food.

Bird and mom copy

The owner of the house said the area wasn’t safe due to crows and cats, in fact the other babies didn’t live. We tried luring the mother to a safer place by putting Ruffles back in the bin and slowly walking. The mother followed us and kept bringing food for him. When we put the bin down, Ruffles flew out again but couldn’t make it into a tree with his mom. He rested in the grass in between two stumps and Sage watched him for hours (from a distance) to make sure he stayed safe. The mom kept feeding him and later coaxed him up into a lower smaller tree. I have to admit I didn’t sleep much that night.. We became attached to the little guy so quickly, and were unsure of what would happen throughout the night. I got up at 5 am the next day and went outside and saw that they were still in the tree, so that was a relief!

It has been three days, and the birds have remained in the same tree. Early this morning Boy saw the two parents flying around with the baby! We are so happy with this news.. what a happy ending!

Sphinx Moth Visitor

We found this huge moth outside our door!  We recognized what it was right away because of a previous encounter with a huge caterpillar a few years back. It was so great to see what they look like in real life!

sphinx moth 2


The moth stayed where he was for the whole day, so many of Kid’s friends came by to see it.

sphinx moth discovery 1

He let us get close to him, and this picture shows his size best.

sphinx moth 3

Kid’s Book Review: “The Thinking Beekeeper” by Christy Hemenway


“I really liked this book  because it was about how to care for the bees in a thoughtful way. From reading other books about beekeeping, I have gotten the feeling that it is more about production and money and less about the bees. It is good to make money, but why not do it in the most humane possible way for the bees as well?

This book taught me a lot. I really like Christy’s perspective, and find myself wanting to study this book carefully. I borrowed it from the library, but I would like to have my own copy when I finally get to work with bees.

10/10 – my first perfect score”


Learning through play

Kid recently found some driftwood and carved a couple of pieces into boats. He watched them float and move in the water, then he experimented with ways to make them move with more direction and with different speeds.

carving a sailboat

He found some leaves and feathers and attached them to different boats, watching how the wind caught them. The boats with the leaves sailed better than the ones with feathers.

leaf sail


When we got home, he put together some more boats from materials he found and added keels too. He then experimented with his new sails and watched how they caught wind and he found ways to improve them more and more.

returning with new boats

The neighborhood kids have also grown interested in his new hobby and they often go to the lake to race their boats. This new hobby has sparked a lot of conversations about engineering between the kids, consistently making their boats better and better.


This is a video of when he first found the driftwood and was experimenting with it. The light on the water seemed magical and this whole experience has turned out to be quite magical in so many ways.

The long way

We decided to walk to town to do our errands instead of taking the bus. It is a long walk, but the trip along the way is usually an interesting one.

arriving birds

There is a sign placed here in the park that tells us about the ducks and why it is best to not feed them bread.

duck sign

chillin with the geese 2

Visiting his feathered friends makes Kid so happy.

When we got home, we looked up information about the geese and ducks and found out that it is best not to feed them, which makes sense.  Though it is a lot of fun to give them oats, it is also fun to just sit and watch them.


 Further down the road, we encountered  a dandelion that was so huge! The seeds flew for a very long time and were lifted into the wind very easily.

big dandelion


 We decided to walk through a garden centre and their Gerberas were wilting, and their soil felt totally dried out.

drooping gerberas

My eldest son ‘Boy’ knows how much I love Gerbera daisies so he found a hose, hooked it up, and dragged it over to water them. He is such a kind-hearted young man.

drooping gerbera 2

.. He helped out a few other plants too.

helping the flowers

It’s no surprise that someone thought he worked there. Boy was able to help the man anyway. This store could use someone like him working there.🙂

helping the customer


Kid discovered that Sumac trees have a flower that bees LOVE. It was fun to watch them up close.

sumac flower

bee on sumac