Kid’s Art Show: Sculptures

Dragons have been an amazing source of inspiration for Kid. He has read books, made drawings, written stories, played imaginary games, and sculpted. Recently he has been really enjoying using Sculpey clay, and below are a few sculptures he has just finished working on.

Forest Dragon


White and Gold Dragondsc03312dsc03313


Cheese Dragon dsc03314


Treasure Dragon



Fire Dragon



Another Cheese Dragon




Kid’s Book Review: The Search for Wondla Book 1 by Tony Diterlizzi


There were a lot of illustrations with this story and they were all drawn by the author. It was fun to read a novel with with so much visual description as it really helped me to imagine this really vivid world.

Eva Nine grew up in a sanctuary with ‘Multi Utility Task Help Robot 06’ (MUTHR). The sanctuary was attacked and she was forced to leave which brought her on an adventure trying to figure out the world. If I told you any more, I feel that it would ruin the book. It seems that any details given about this book would take away from the twists and turns that make this story truly awesome.

I give this book 10/10 as I thoroughly enjoyed it cover to cover. This is a part of a series so I am excited to read the next book.

– Kid

Kid taught a class!

Kid has read most of the books about dragons at the library, and by doing so made a friend with a librarian who is also a fellow dragon lover. Inspired by their conversations, Kid made a dragon sculpture for her out of Sculpey and gave it to her as a gift. She showed the teen events coordinator at the library who then invited Kid to teach a class.

final dragons

Above is the collection of all the dragons that were made in his class. It was a lot of fun, and because of teaching this class he was encouraged to teach a class at the local art store which is a paid gig! Also, someone commissioned him to make a dragon for them. I am a proud mama, and proud of the people at the library for encouraging my son to pursue his interests.

Snail Hospital

Every time it rains, it has been difficult for Kid to witness the snails being crushed by people accidentally walking on them. He has tried bringing them home to try to help them but they have all passed away.

Recently he found a little guy that had 80 percent of his shell crushed and brought him home despite knowing he probably wouldn’t be able to save him. He tried making a shell for him out of sculpting beeswax and the snail seemed to survive though just sealed himself inside his new wax home.

After two days, “Crush” (Kid named him) came out of his new shell and started moving about.

crush 1

crush 2

Crush found his shell to be heavier than he is used to but he quickly became stronger and now hoists himself along as he climbs about; in fact, he seems to be able to do whatever the other snails can do! It has now been three weeks and he is still doing very well.

crush 3


Kid has since brought home many snails with broken shells and has found that if the breaks are not too bad, and he feeds them lots of calcium and veggies, they actually can repair their shells. He now has 9 snails and has made them a beautiful habitat with dirt and lots of moss.

It is heartwarming to see his compassion and attention to detail as he tends to their health and needs. It appears the more time he has spent tending to the needs of these little creatures, the more he seems to tend to notice the needs of his family. Compassion can be inherent but why not make this very important character trait stronger however and whenever possible?

Kid’s Book Review: Wandmaker by Ed Masessa


Henry Leach is a boy who loves to read, particularly books about wizards. He has spent many years crafting a wand, and discovers that he actually has powers when he accidentally turns his sister Brianna into a hedgehog.

I think this book is awesome! It was so adventurous, descriptive, and magical, and it made me want to go out and make my own wand.  I give it 10/10 and highly recommend it!